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e surface regolith. So this is something that Swedish scientists together with Chinese scientists want to answer," said Koehler.The Chang'e-4 mission, including the probe, the relay satellite Que▓qiao and a micro satellite orbiting the moon, is ▓equipped with four payloads developed through in

ternation▓al cooperation,


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providing more oppo▓rtunities to the world's scientists and combining human ▓expertise in space exploration."I think one of the beauties of space science is that we do cooperate internationally. Space science to me is somethi▓ng important, also as a message of pea▓ce worldwide," Wimmer-Schweingruber ▓said.For astronomers, the far side of the moon is a pl▓ace of ideal tranquility, as the body of the moon shields against radio interference fro▓m Earth. F

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evolution of stars and galaxies, peerin▓g into the dawn of the universe.Chang'e-4 carries low-fre▓quency radio astronomical instruments developed ▓by Chinese and Dutch scientists. "Conducting such▓ observation on the moon's far side ▓is a long cherished goal of astronomers, and could fill gaps in astronomical observation,"said Zou.The probe also took six live s▓pecies - cotton, rapeseed, potato, arabidopsis, fruit fly and yeast - to the lifeless enviro▓

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the moon.Chinese space engineers also plan to get data by constantly measuring temperature▓s o

n the surface of the moon.


"Exploring the far side of the moon is one contribution China is making to the world. Although w

e ▓still don't know what

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